Online Floor Time Scheduling System


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Online Floor Time Scheduling System

FloorSchedule.info offers an online, web (cloud computing) based program for generating "Floor Time" or "Up Desk" schedules. Up to eight shift times may be set independently for each week day, with up to four roster assignments per shift.
No software needs to be downloaded or installed. The only requirement is the use of a recent version web browser to instantly begin creating, saving and sharing floor time schedules.
The online FloorSchedule.info system will benefit any business that needs an easy roster scheduling program for assigning individuals to shifts in a fast, fair and flexible manner.
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    Online creating and editing floor time schedules
    Floor time schedules are created by selecting the year, month, number of shifts, shift start times and pressing the "Load & Reorder Roster" button.
    Changes to specific floor time schedule assignments may be made by clicking on the name of the currently assigned member. A drop down list will appear with all the active roster members from which you can select a different roster member for that shift assignment.
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    Online viewing, PDF downloading and iCalendar exporting of saved schedules
    Every roster member may view any of their office saved schedules online by browsing to http://floorschedule.info/view and entering their email address into the opening screen form.
    Their assigned shifts will be highlighted for easy viewing and quick reference.
    PDF files of saved floor time schedules may be downloaded and printed.
    iCalendar files of the saved schedule may be exported and then imported into other programs such as Google Calendar, Outlook and Thunderbird(w/Lightning add-on).
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    Online shift exchanging between roster members
    Roster members may exchange their shift assignments with other roster members online. This is accomplished by merely clicking on their assigned shift they wish to exchange and then clicking on the shift they wish to exchange into.
    Roster members may also release online a particular shift that they have been assigned so that any roster member may take that shift.
    Email notices are sent to the affected parties advising them of shift exchange activities and providing links to the updated floor time schedules.
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    Enter roster members individually or by file upload
    Roster members may be entered individually or an entire office roster may be uploaded by way of a character separated value (csv) file.
    After roster members are added to the system, they may be set as active to participate in the floor time schedule. Setting a roster member to active or inactive does not disturb the shift assignment exclusions saved for them in the system.
    The number of roster members allowed for each office is not limited.
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    Enter and edit roster member excluded shifts
    Roster members may be excluded from shift assignment by week-day, shift, week-day-shift, month-day or month-day-shift.
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    Enter and edit holidays
    The system is pre-loaded with a basic set of USA national holidays. Additional holidays or office closings may also be saved.
    Holiday or office closing periods may be selected by month-day, month-day-shift or month-day-sequence (ie. 2nd Monday or last Tuesday of the month).
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    Save floor time schedules
    Completed floor time schedules may be saved for future download or online viewing.
    Prior saved floor time schedules may be reloaded for editing and then saved again
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    Send email notice of schedule changes
    Upon saving changes to a floor time schedule, the administrator is given an opportunity to send email notices to active roster members.
    The notices can contain a link to the saved schedule and details about shift assignments that have been modified.
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    Support forum
    Interactive forum for registered users to post questions and discuss the floor scheduling system functionality, operation and setup.
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    Free trial
    FloorSchedule.info is offering a fully functional 30 day free trial period for their Online Floor Schedule Management System.


Available Functions




  • View schedules online
  • Exchange shifts online
  • Receive email notices
  • Post forum questions
  • Post forum comments
  • Participate in forum discussions about system functionality, operation and setup
  • Enter/upload rosters
  • Edit roster entries
  • Enter/edit shifts off
  • Enter/edit holidays
  • Create schedules
  • Edit schedules
  • Save schedules
  • Pricing
$9.99 USD/